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Cloud Routing

proleneä considers its Cloud Routing solution as its center masterpiece.  Building upon our success with our LNP Query product, we offer an extremely high capacity, high speed, and high availability real-time Least Cost Routing solution.  Rate Deck administration is fully integrated for seamless implementation.

What you get with Cloud Routing

  • 75,000 calls per second per server which is ideal for high volume, highly peaked calls (dialer)

  • Typical response times of 0 to 15ms (including transmission and route list creation time)

  • 99.99999% high availability (Geographically diverse servers ensure routing availability)

  • Routing Parameters
    • Virtually unlimited partitions, end points, etc
    • End point selection algorithms allowing round-robin, etc to evenly distribute traffic
    • Priorities on a per carrier-basis overriding CPMs e.g. -
      • Do not allow juristiction inter-state to non-RBOC destinations
      • Allow only all jurisdictions to state of CA for OCN 9740
      • Modify CPM placement by intra-state to CO,HI,AK by -0.0023
      • and many more...
  • Rate Deck Administration
    • Manage your own rate decks or choose to have proleneä manage them for you
    • Virtually unlimited rate decks
    • Verification showing erroneous data
    • Full and partital updates
    • Historical store with begin and end dates of all rates
    • Any currency
    • International and Domestic
    • Prioritize carriers for rate ties
  • World-wide server locations (We can activate a new LNP server within 4 hours to meet your specific needs)

  • Pricing in the form of per dip, volume tiered, peak CPS, and unlimited

  • Free interoperability period available within minutes of our first engagement

  • Domestic and international

  • SIP and customizable protocols

  • 24/7 Monitoring

  • Access to our web portal, giving you the capability to easily and quickly access your historical Routing information (in chart form and downloadable) up to the last hour including total calls and peak CPS measurements.

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