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Wireless Number Filtering

Beginning Oct 16, 2013, the FCC has mandated that any carrier terminating marketing calls to mobile numbers will be fined.   Read the FCC Document here.

proleneä's new Wireless Number Filtering product ensures that you will not terminate your dialer and/or marketing calls to wireless numbers, thus enabling you to avoid costly FCC penalties.


How does it work ?

Your network initiates a query to proleneä for each call.  proleneä then replies with an appropriate response message, notifying you whether or not the call is wireless. 

Because landline numbers may be ported to wireless carriers, we also perform an LNP lookup for each call.  This guarantees that all wireless numbers are correctly identified within the query response.

Our query processing capabilies remain as you have come to expect, such as

  • 225,000 calls per second per server which is ideal for high volume, highly peaked calls (dialer)

  • Typical response times of 0 to 10ms (including transmission and lookup time)

  • 99.99999% high availability (Geographically diverse servers ensure LNP availability)

Take a look at proleneä's high quality, high CPS LNP Dipping Service.

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