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Native Routing Tables

For our clients that want to keep their routing tables in the native format of their switching platforms, we offer the Native Routing Tables solution. For any platform (VoIP/Wireless/TDM), we create the optimal routing tables that are directly uploadable.

  • Domestic and International Routing

  • Full digit routing to accommodate any rate deck, employing digit optimization to arrive at smallest routing digit and routelist data set

  • Vastly minimize platform restrictions using algorithmic techniques (e.g. perform inter/intra state routing on switch that allows only 1 partition)

  • Jurisdictional Inter/Intra/No-ANI state routing

  • Profit protection to ensure calls do not terminate to carriers that are more expensive than the revenue of the customer

  • Toll Free SMS routing tables

  • We suggest improvements to routing scheme using our extensive routing experience

Rate Deck Management

  • Receives and processes all domestic/international rate decks

  • Maintains all historical rate decks

  • We directly interface with the carrier to resolve all rate discrepancies and identify exactly how you will be billed to ensure accurate routing/rating/auditing – a crucial aspect that our competition lacks

  • Analyzes and redlines carrier contracts for inconsistencies

  • Negotiates with carriers for improved rates and new products

Routing Scenarios

  • Determines exactly how your terminating costs will be impacted with the addition or removal of rate decks before any routing in the switch is modified

  • Allows costs to be quantified before adding new carriers to your network

  • Utilizes your traffic distribution using your CDRs

  • Produces detailed and summarized reports

Revenue Rate Deck Creation

  • Produces individually tailored domestic/international rate decks/products for your unique customers' needs

  • Formats selected to maximize margin (Digit, Lata/Ocn/State, flat, jurisdiction, etc)

  • Various margin optimization methods consider your terminating costs, your customer’s target lists, minimum acceptable margins at digit level and average margins for aggregated formats

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