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Routing Scenarios

proleneä's Routing Scenarios product provides you with the data that you need to make important routing and carrier decisions.

Routing Scenarios is a powerful tool that may be used to analyze any number of carrier rate decks.  Using your current traffic distribution, you will be able to calculate your optimal cost per minute.   You will know how new rates compare to your current carrier rates and the change in minute distribution to each carrier.   Having this information allows you to better negotiate with your carriers, better manage your costs, and compare your actual cost to your optimal cost.   You also have the ability to determine how overrides or special billing rules impact your margins.  

Using proleneä’s web interface you will upload rate decks in seconds and verify the accuracy of the rate deck before processing a rate deck comparison.   No more spending hours reformatting rate files.   Manage Rate Updates uses a few simple entries to match the file format and assures the user that the rate deck is loaded accurately.   Once the rate decks are loaded, you choose the carriers to compare with the click of a button.   Your Routing Scenario report is created in seconds.   With Routing Scenarios, you will see immediately how new rates impact your total cost, how the carriers compare to each other, what optimal dollar amount you would spend with each carrier and the total minutes won by each carrier.   The reports include minutes, jurisdiction, and cost information separated into three coverage areas: International, Lower 48 states, and Offshore.   You will be able to run scenarios to view the cost impact of implementing overrides and various billing rules into a partition and compare your customers target lists to your sell rate decks.  

Plus Routing Scenarios is seamlessly integrated with proleneä’s Cloud Routing Solution, meaning that most of your rate decks have already been loaded for routing, therefore you only need to upload new carrier decks or updates to run various cost scenarios.   You are not loading in rate desks into two different tools.  

What you get with Routing Scenarios

  • Analyze rate updates and cost impact for negotiating purposes

  • Verify the impact of a new carrier’s rates for negotiating purposes prior to interop

  • Use current rate decks and partitions in Cloud Routing to compare to new rate decks

  • Allow carriers to be added or removed with the click of a button

  • Provide the cost impact of partition overrides

  • Compare your Sell rates to your customer’s Target rates

  • Utilize your traffic distribution for true optimal costs

  • Seamless integration with the Cloud Routing portal

  • Create target list using your LCR to send to potential termination carriers

  • Produce detailed and summarized reports by carrier, minute, jurisdiction, International, US, and Offshore

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