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Dialer Redirect

With the advent of proleneä's patented Dialer Redirect product, you may now cost-effectively route your dialer traffic to dialer-friendly terminations and your conversational traffic to conversational-friendly terminations.

It's proleneä's patent pending, ultra-fast call processing algorithm that cleverly differentiates between dialer traffic and conversational traffic.

This allows you to avoid short duration penalties charged by many carriers as well as the headaches of dealing with unexpected call blocks.  With Dialer Redirect, you have the capability to make your dialer traffic profitable or stop it completely.

How Dialer Redirect Works

How does it work ?

Your network sends a query to proleneä for each call.  proleneä then responds with an appropriate response message, notifying you of the type of call.  Typically, you would then route all dialer calls to your LCR set of dialer-friendly carriers.  For conversational traffic, you would typically route those calls to your LCR including all carriers.  But the choice is yours.

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