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unEarth CDR

proleneä's proficiency in the field of CDR analyzing and processing is unrivaled.  Below are highlights of our unEarth CDR solution.

Routing Assessment

  • Evaluates your terminating routing performance cost-wise showing optimal routing as compared to actual routing

  • Includes worst-offenders at the per call level to facilitate resolution

  • Exposes carrier issues such as capacity, coverage area, intentional release-backs

Carrier Bill Auditing & Disputing

  • Rates your CDRs and compares them to your Carrier invoices

  • Uses each Carrier’s unique billing rules and billing dates

  • Produces summaries to be submitted with formal disputes

  • We work closely with each Carrier to win disputes

  • Summarizes outstanding disputes

Margin & Cost Reporting

  • Produces detailed and summarized reports using your CDRs

  • Uses detailed billing rules for revenue and cost rate decks

  • Exposes poor margins and high costs


  • Usage based billing by customer end point

  • Incorporates complex billing rules such as talk time, network time, orig/term Dialed/LRN, minimum-incremental bill times for differing regions, etc

  • Incorporate company’s billing rules by customer including; No ANI rates, Jurisdiction, billing increments, answered/unanswered calls, talk time, network time, originating ANI/LRN, terminating Dialed/LRN

  • Produces billing detail by customer, summarized by Lata/OCN, Flat rate, NPA, State, Jurisdiction, etc.

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